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Member customer benefits

  • Terrace Kiyomizu Kyoto Special discount information for customers

    How are you guys The world has had a great time over the last two years.However, it is almost time for humankind to overcome the corona disaster.It's been two years since the Spanish flu 100 years ago subsided.The 21st century was also two years.However, it is said that 50 million people died 100 years ago.There were 5 million people in the 21st century.It was a very unfortunate two years, albeit the result of human progress.Once the corona has subsided, come to Kyoto for a pilgrimage and gratitude trip.Please come to thank Mr. Yasaka to survive and move on to the future.It's been less than 4 years since the hotel opened.Half of them were Corona.The hotel remains open.

    1. Reservation directly on the homepage
    2. Make a reservation at the front desk by phone
    3. Make a reservation from your LINE friend

    You can always get a 10% discount on the Official rate on all three routes.
    After making a reservation, please contact us by phone or email without making a payment in advance.Also, all the staff are looking forward to seeing you.Pe
    10% off the Official website fee
    Customers with a track record of staying with the target SMS LINE information

    When the "Kyoto Charm Rediscovery Project" and "GOTO Campaign" are started, it can be used together with regular discounts.Please contact the front desk for details.For inquiries, please feel free to contact us by email, phone, or LINE (listed on our website).