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  2. Play in Kyoto

Play in Kyoto

Enjoy Kyoto! Suggestions on how to play.

  • Enjoy Kyoto

    There are many sightseeing spots in Kyoto that you should visit when you come to Kyoto, such as the movie village, Kyoto City Aquarium, and the Arashiyama trolley train.Also, the various seasonal events held at shrines and temples are sure to leContinue reading
  • Eat up Kyoto

    Kyoto is full of delicious restaurants such as Japanese, French, Italian, and Chinese.No matter how many times you visit, you can't eat all the food in Kyoto.Our front desk will guide you to the pilot.
  • Feel the tradition of Kyoto

    Kyoto is dotted with its own temples and castles, and many traditional events with a long history are held throughout the year.A wonderful town no matter where you cut it in each season.Enjoy an emotional trip to Kyoto.
  • Osanpo in a kimono

    A town in Kyoto that looks like a picture no matter where you cut it.Come on! Let's wear a kimono and take a walk in the city of Kyoto.